Mechanical Engineering Innovations


My name is Ivan Vasilev and I'm a machanical engineer. I have extensive experiennce as chief mechanic in a large plantation for bread and convectiory. I also have extensive experience as a chief constructor of the Institute of Engineering and Implementations in Varna, Bulgaria. During this time I've created and implemented in the proceedings many machines, four of which were recognised as inventions, patented and protected with copyrights. At a national level, I've won two gold medals for my inventions.

Five years ago i started my own company for innovations. The firm is mainly involved with servicing our client's mechanical engineering needs, but additionaly we've created our, independant own bank with undisplayed, new, small-scale machines for snacks and confectionery, which are tested in real production conditions. They are intended mainly for small and midium-sized businesses and are compact, easy to manifacture, easy to exploit and have high productivity.

In the portfolio section we've displayed a few of the machines and their products.